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Next round starts Monday, April 29th

How awesome would it be if you could wake up in the morning, 28 days from now, bursting with energy, with a stronger, leaner body, and free of worrying about food?

Pretty friggin’ awesome.

The Lean Body Challenge is a 28-day nutrition and lifestyle program designed to help you lose weight, get stronger, and feel better in your body. If you participate in the Challenge you will:

  • Lose inches off your waist (participants averaged a total of 9″ inches lost overall)
  • Feel stronger, leaner, and more confident by learning to tap into your body’s most powerful energetic system
  • Avoid afternoon energy crashes by discovering which foods work best for your metabolism and which ones don’t
  • Flatten your abs by removing harmful food additives, and substances that cause abdominal bloating, poor sleep, skin conditions, and fatigue
  • Reduce inflammation around your mid-section and you’ll see your belly flatten and your thighs shrink.

Hi there!

coverphotoMy name is Sirena Bernal, and I’m excited to have you here. I’m a passionate fitness professional and nutrition coach in Boston, MA and over the last 9 years, I’ve successfully coached hundreds of women to lose weight, feel stronger, and get leaner, both online and offline.

In January 2012, I started a small online nutrition challenge to help my friends and clients who weren’t in Boston to work with me in person, lose weight and eat healthier. I wouldn’t have imagined that the first brave group of clients that participated would lead to an established online program over a year later.

Starting on Monday, April 29th we embark on our 7th round of the program and I’d love to have you with us. The Lean Body Challenge, or LBC for short, is a 28 day nutrition and lifestyle program that will help you lose weight, feel stronger, and get leaner in the process.

The Challenge is a great way to get more fit for the summer so that you feel comfortable in the shorts, tanks and dresses you have hanging in your closet.

Even though the challenge is only 28 days long, the ideas and nutrition plan included are designed so that you can continue to see results well beyond the program. Meaning, this is a meal plan and exercise program that you can actually stick to. With the Lean Body Challenge you will…


SirenaFoodLose weight, get stronger, and feel better.

During the Challenge you will know exactly what to eat and what to do for workouts each day, and on top of the weekly webinars we’ll have, you’ll also have one on one email access to me, your coach, during the entire program. I am passionate about helping each participant, and so, I limit enrollment to only 20 participants so that I can ensure that you get the support and motivation you need to succeed.

As a group, we will also interact daily on our private Facebook group made specifically for the Challenge – this component has proven to be the MOST important factor to the success of our clients. I noticed that my clients who participating in a group always did better than those trying to do it alone. And I believe this is why the program is successful.

I believe that anything in life is possible when you are strong in your body, in your mind and in your spirit.

Thus, on top of the nutrition and fitness plan, we will also work on strengthening your mind and your spirit by tapping into your body’s most powerful energetic system, a secret that I discovered as I was healing my own body.

You see, even as a fitness  professional, I didn’t always have my health in check. when I was in my mid-20′s, I struggled with horrible digestive issues, acne, insomnia, low energy, and being 15 lbs. overweight. I was overworked, ending a 7 year relationship, and totally confused about my life.

pushupMore than 5 years later, after a bunch of failures and set backs, I finally have my health in check. I no longer suffer from GI issues, acne, and low energy. My body is the strongest, and leanest it’s ever been and I’m in a relationship I love. 

Even though we will focus on your nutrition and fitness, we will also work on your inner body – your mind and your spirit – so that you can put an end to self-sabotaging behaviors and find the motivation to stay on track.

I’ve been advised in the past to not put a limit on the amount of people who can enroll, but I strongly feel that the program is so successful because I can focus on a small group of clients. I know that it can be scary to buy things online, especially when it comes to your health, which is another reason why I limit each Challenge to only 20 participants.

There are many great programs out there that will also help you lose weight and get stronger, but many of them lack the support and coaching that most people need to stick to a plan. That’s why, when you enroll in the LBC, you’ll receive my personal attention to help support and motivate you.

We kick off the Challenge on Monday April 29th, and when you enroll before April 12th, you will receive a $50 discount on the program. All you need to do is type in the promo code “earlybird” and then click the “Add to Cart” button. After April 12th, the discount will expire. 

I’m really excited that you’re here and I can’t wait to help you build a stronger and leaner body!

In love and service,

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Lose weight. Get stronger. Feel better.

Only 20 spots!

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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that the Lean Body Challenge will help you feel better and look better that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. If after the 28 days you have not experienced a significant change in your life and in your body, I will fully refund your money, no questions asked. Simply contact me at info@28dayleanbodychallenge.com and I’ll happily refund your enrollment in full.

Check out what past LBC’ers have to say…

Erin’s digestion, energy and confidence improve, but she also lost 9 lbs and 12 inches.

I have learned, without a doubt, that what I eat affects every aspect of my life and wellness. No matter how much I want to be a person who doesn’t need to pay attention to what I’m shoving in my mouth in order to live my best life, that will never be me – and that’s okay.

Through the LBC I have learned to accept and embrace that fact. I have a newfound desire to take care of myself. To give my body the things that make it work better. Sleep. Fresh, unprocessed foods. Not only have I lost weight and mass, but I have eliminated a huge source of stress for myself – my digestion. All this is proof of a greater lesson – I CAN change my life.

Erin Parker, Abingdon, VA

rachaelI have lost about 11 lbs. so far in total!

I have some really sweet red pants that I fit into now and feel like a million bucks in. Before, I couldn’t even get them on. So, the weight loss has been noticeable, and it’s continued to come off since we’ve stopped working together.

But the weight is really secondary to how I feel overall. I’ve been sleeping much better, and I don’t have stomachaches every morning as I did before we started working together. This is really invaluable to me! It was not cool waking up feeling sick to my stomach.

I also find myself feeling happier, less anxious, and living with a greater sense of freedom. I am no longer obsessing over my body nearly as much as I was before. Those critical thoughts (I hate my stomach, I wish my thighs were smaller, etc, etc.) creep in from time to time, and I have some bad days where I’m super hard on myself and frustrated with my body. But these are pretty few and far between, and I generally feel pretty happy and accepting of myself because I feel so good and I’m consciously treating myself well.

Rachael Gorab, 28, Ph.D Candidate, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

kathleenKathleen, a participant in our Sept. LBC, lost 19 lbs with the Lean Body program.

Early September I was closing in on 160 lbs and had just graduated to a size 14. The size 14 pants were already becoming snug, when I complained to my niece Lisa that I was frustrated trying to lose weight. She recommended a program that her co-worker had used successfully - the Lean Body Challenge.

With nothing to lose except hopefully 40 lbs, I enrolled in the September class. My biggest fear was that the cooking needed to prepare the nutritious and delicious main courses would be hard to squeeze into my already busy schedule. But I set aside Sundays to do the cooking for the week.

I prepared one slow-cooker recipe each week so that I would have something to pack for lunch each day. The Mediterranean lamb stew was outstanding, as was the chicken stew. And the time commitment was minimal – 30 minutes to prepare the meat and vegetables, and then the slow cooker did the rest. The exercise program made me feel like I was gaining strength as I was shedding pounds.

I finished the LBC on October 21, but I continue to follow the guidelines. This morning the second number on the scale was a “3″, for the first time in well over a year, and the size 10 pants that I had to buy represent a major victory.

So I am half-way to my goal. Going gluten-free has not been a problem, with so many great recipes to choose from. I haven’t felt this good in five years.

Kathleen O., Boston, MA.

Is the Lean Body Challenge right for you?

I’ll be the first to tell you that the LBC isn’t for everyone. And while I’d like to help as many people as possible, I just know that there are some people who tend to do better. You’ll get awesome results with The Lean Body Challenge if you:

  • Are ready to make a 100% commitment to stick to the plan and the guidelines during the 28 days.
  • Have a burning desire to feel stronger, happier, and more confident in your body.
  • Are done beating yourself up at the gym and ready to free yourself from restrictive diets just to lose a little bit of weight.
  • Can imagine yourself with more energy, a leaner body, and feeling more comfortable in your clothes.
  • Are willing to actively participate by reaching out when you need support and motivation or when you have questions.
  • Want a more permanent solution to losing weight.
  • Take responsibility for your decisions.
  • Want to be fit and strong enough to be active in your life, to workout more, and to accomplish more.

Lose weight. Get stronger. Feel better.

How does it work?

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 5.54.31 PMOnce you enroll, you will be sent an online assessment form in which I will use the information gathered to customize a personal manual for you that will include all of the information you need to kick butt during the Challenge.

We will work together as a group and one on one over 28 days on eating whole, organic and unprocessed foods.

You will receive your personalized manual via e-mail on Friday, April 26th, giving you enough time to prepare for Monday. 

This will include all of your meal plans, shopping lists, morning workout routine, lifestyle guidelines, and exercise recommendations for the 28-day challenge.

This will be your guide throughout the program and will have all the dates for the webinars, and contact information in case you need to reach me.

You will also have e-mail coaching for the entire 28-days.

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 9.28.44 PMWhich means, if you have a question about anything, just e-mail me and I’ll help troubleshoot your question or concern.

Feeling tired in the afternoon? Let me know and I’ll give you some tips. Having GI issues like bloating or gas? Shoot me an email and we’ll figure out what’s causing it.

On top of that, each Sunday I will be sending you a “Weekly Progress Assessment” to see how you are doing.

When you fill out the assessment I’ll email you back with a personal message answering your questions and making adjustments if needed.

I only ask that you use your discretion with the length and depth of your questions and to only e-mail me within reason. I need my beauty sleep just as much as you do.

And lifetime access to our private LBC community on Facebook.

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 8.41.41 PM

You will also have access to a private Facebook group in which I will be on to help coach people throughout the Challenge, as well as interact and support the other participants.

For more general questions you can post to the Facebook page where our active community of past and present LBC’ers come to share ideas, recipes, and motivation.

This is where you can ask me questions and get support. I’ll post daily check-ins to make sure you are keeping up with your program to ensure your progress.

The Facebook community is a private, safe, and open community for you to share your journey and healing process. This is a huge component of the program.

Each week we will hold a LIVE educational webinar on Thursday night.

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 10.41.13 AMThe webinars will be recorded and will be available for you to watch if you cannot make the time.

The webinars are set up to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to further customize your program.

Each week we will focus on a new topic, nutrition, stress, sleep, and exercise – all components of the 28 day challenge.

The webinars will be 60-minutes in length and will only be made available to LBC participants.

Week 1: How To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

  • 4 simple techniques to help you lose weight without counting calories
  • 3 easy ways to help you eat slower
  • The 1 hormone that is preventing you from reaching your fat loss goals
  • My top 4 superfoods that help boost your metabolism and heal your digestion

May 2nd, 7 pm EST.

Week 2: How To Stop Running Lose Weight, and Feel Better

  • The #1 hormone that is responsible for your weight-loss plateau and how you can kickstart your metabolism
  • The ONLY form of cardio you should be doing and how running on the treadmill can actually cause you to gain weight
  • 3 simple techniques to help you curb carb cravings and prevent the afternoon energy lulls
  • How to stop worrying about your body and boost your self-confidence so you can wear what you want, when you want.

May 9th, 7 pm EST

Week 3: How To Sleep More, Not Stress and Weigh less:

  • The #1 fat-burning hormone that is released when you are sleeping and how missing your bed time can actually cause weight gain.
  • Why you wake up in the middle of night and the pre-bed time snack you can eat that will keep you sleeping like a rock without gaining weight
  • How to prepare and schedule your meals throughout the day to maximize fat loss while you sleep.
  • 7 techniques to instantly improve your sleep quality. By doing these 7 things you’ll fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper, AND wake up feeling refreshed.

May 16th, 7 pm EST

Week 4: How To Never Lose Motivation Again

  • Discover the 3 hidden reasons why you may be self-sabotaging your weight loss
  • Learn how to create time and space in your busy schedule to take care of yourself
  • Learn the #1 MOST important to ask yourself everyday

May 23rd, 7 pm EST

PLUS, The Lean Body Cookbook.


When I first started healing my body, I had to find healthy meals that did not bother my digestion, and I found the gluten-free cooking did not give me gas or bloating.

Over the years I began to collect the recipes I used in my meal plans and started sharing them with my clients and friends, who also found them yummy and easy on their digestion.

In the Lean Body Cookbook you will find over 60+ gluten-free recipes that will help you lose weight and feel better during the Challenge.

The recipes are simple, easy and very delicious. I’ve sold this cookbook separately in the past, and now it has become a staple component in the Lean Body Challenge.


Read more success stories from our LBC’ers:

kristinaheadshotMy first taste of what life could be like as a healthier, leaner, more confident me came as a result of doing Sirena’s 28 day Lean Body Challenge. While there were many great parts to the program, the biggest help were all the great recipes she shared.  I had never cooked gluten free before and was very intimidated to get started. Her cookbook made gluten free, healthy cooking not only easy, but delicious and exciting as well.  I tend to get stuck in ruts when it comes to what I think “healthy” eating is, but with Sirena’s guidance I was able to create delicious and satisfying meals for all my tastes.  I’ve even had a great time cooking for friends and family who only comment on how tasty and fresh my meals are – they don’t even realize what they are missing!

Kristina S., Boston, MA

I just feel better. My tummy has really slimmed down and that is amazing because I usually never see a difference in that area of my body. I was able to make better food choices all month. At work, there are treats everywhere and lunch is catered almost everyday.

After week 1, I was actually able to eat in the same room as everyone else and not even feel tempted by all the other food. It was an awesome feeling and all of my co-workers were impressed. That is a big change for me because I usually always cave around treats!

Kerry B. 29, Boston, MA, BridierBaubles.com

During the 28 day LBC, I felt lighter and leaner, and also more energetic and clearheaded. I used the recipes in the cookbook, and all told, I lost 7 pounds, 6.5 of which was body fat!

I feel great, I have more energy, and I sleep so much better.  It’s truly remarkable how eating lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats can make such a significant and immediate impact!

Jennifer D., 32, Boston, MA, Brand Planner


The most significant change I have noticed has been my energy level has skyrocketed. I have woken up feeling great and ready to start the day nearly every day.

I have been motivated to get a lot more done during my day and spent less time on the couch!  I also noticed a huge loss in the measurement of my waist. I think this is specifically tied to being swollen and bloated from eating foods that my body does not react well to.

Sarah F. 28, Washington, D.C., Government Official

I can’t say that I’m much of a chef, but the recipes that are in the cookbook have made it really easy to make healthy and gluten-free meals that aren’t complicated and that don’t take a lot of time.

I’m always on the go, so having quick recipes that I can rely on that I know taste delicious is really important to me. I use these recipes myself, and also recommend them to all of my training clients.

Phyl London, PhylLondon.com, Master Trainer


I was feeling good before but now I feel great. My body is looking better and better each day and my outlook on life is very positive.

I’m in a really great place in my life and want to keep it that way.  I am really proud of how I did and how I feel.

Ilene K. 43, Boston, MA, Professional Trainer and Yoga Instructor


The LBC is a way of changing your metabolism to be most effective. It does not starve you or make you workout out hours a day. It is making a change to benefit your body by eating the right food to fuel you, and the right exercises to make you stronger. This is not like any crazy diet or excessive workout routine. It will make you feel stronger, well rested, and satiated.

Aliza S. 35, Boston, MA, Physician’s Assistant


The LBC is not just another diet. It is a life-style tune up. It’s a chance to take a big step toward becoming the healthy, balance, life-loving person you have always wanted to be. And yeah, sure, you’ll also look hotter at the end of it.

Hannah H. 28, Boston, MA, Professional Trainer and Actress

Since joining the LBC and using the recipes in the Lean Body cookbook, my energy has been amazing. I wake up and I feel like I’m ready to take on the world. I love waking up and thinking what good am I going to do today??

How can I best serve this world?  My sleep and hormones are also much better than before I started cooking like this.  Thank the universe! I love sleeping. It has been a relief to consistently get about 7 to 8hrs of sleep every night, which has helped me feel more positive and energetic.

Megan A., 28, Actress, Abingdon, VA

The Lean Body Challenge kicks off on Monday April 29th and space is limited to only 20 participants.

The April round of the Lean Body Challenge starts on Monday the 29th, and the Early Bird Enrollment ends on then 12th. This is a great time to join right before the summer, because in 28 days, you will:

  • Lose inches off your waist (participants averaged a total of 9″ inches lost overall)
  • Feel stronger, leaner, and more confident by learning to tap into your body’s most powerful energetic system
  • Avoid afternoon energy crashes by discovering which foods work best for your metabolism and which ones don’t
  • Flatten your abs by removing harmful food additives, and substances that cause abdominal bloating, poor sleep, skin conditions, and fatigue
  • Reduce inflammation around your mid-section and you’ll see your belly flatten and your thighs shrink.

I hope that you save one of the 20 spots for yourself because they will go fast, and I don’t have the next round scheduled yet because I’ll be traveling over the summer, meaning the next round probably won’t be until late fall. I’d hate to see you miss out on this round because I know that in 28 days we can help  you lose weight and feel stronger. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to email me at Sirena at SirenaBernal.com

Lose weight. Get stronger. Feel better.

Only 20 spots!

Reserve your spot by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below.



Discount Code:


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that the Lean Body Challenge will help you feel better and look better that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. If after the 28 days you have not experienced a significant change in your life and in your body, I will fully refund your money, no questions asked. Simply contact me at info@28dayleanbodychallenge.com and I’ll happily refund your enrollment in full.